How to Raise Disciplined and Happy Children

By Jerry Adams, Ph. D.

Welcome to the website devoted to parents and to the children cover w kindle logo-pix - w click to orderyou love and care for. This site is dedicated to helping you develop and maintain a happy, mutually rewarding home environment in which you successfully teach your children to take responsibility for their own behavior using an anger-free alternative approach to discipline.

While I have tried to make it easy for anyone interested to check out and even order a print or electronic version of How to Raise Disciplined and Happy Children, I am more interested in sharing the ideas than in selling books.  To that end, if you would like you can read any part or all of the book without leaving this website, at no cost.  To access the book, look to the right side of any page and you will find a column labeled “Categories,” under which are links to all of the portions of the book.  A simple click of your mouse on any section will call up a page showing the sections of that portion of the book, and a click on “Continue reading” takes you to the actual text.  What is more, if you choose to read further, both at the top and bottom of each of these pages is a very small link to the next section, each looking like this:

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Thus, should you choose to, you can read the entire book on this website, at no cost, from start to finish — which I, of course, consider the best choice.  If you start with the Table of Contents, you can scan the various sections to see what is contained in each chapter.  And you can simply click your way through the sections.  And when you return to the site later, you can choose which ever chapter and section your left off at to continue.

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  •  For a brief description of How to Raise Disciplined and Happy Children, go to the tab named “About .“
  • I know that there are lots of books on parenting and discipline of children available. Because of this I have designed a Parent Questionnaire, to help you think about whether How to Raise Disciplined and Happy Children will be beneficial to you. This questionnaire is intended to help you decide how well what the book has to offer relates to your own parenting style and fits with your needs.
  • If you’d like to learn about my background, click on the “Author”  link.
  • In a mock “Interview with the Author,” I have described how I arrived at the approach described in the book and the underlying rationale.  This section includes some salient experiences with our own sons, starting during infancy, as well as some turning points in my professional thinking. Also included are some vignettes that highlight important principles in changing children’s behavior.
  • And, if you’d like to know what other readers, including professionals who work with children and parents, think about How to Raise Disciplined and Happy Children, click on the “Reviews” link.