Questionnaire – Part 1

This simple questionnaire is intended to help you think about your style of discipline and to what extent it works to meet your goals and your children’s needs. There are no right or wrong answers to these questions and no one but you will know how you answer, unless you tell them. I suggest that as you read through them you attempt to be as open with yourself about your answers as you can be. After each question I have included some comments about how the question is dealt with in How to Raise Disciplined and Happy Children. I hope you will find the exercise useful.

Let’s begin with three very important questions to help you get started on considering whether some changes are in order and, if so, How to Raise Disciplined and Happy Children – or any other parenting book — might be useful to you. Think about each question and then follow the link to a discussion of how other parents have answered some questions and some thoughts about what the answers might mean.

  1. How do your discpline your child(ren)?
  2. Does your approach get the results you want?
  3. If you answered “yes” to number 2, do your gains carry over from one situation to another, or do you find you have to do they same thing over and over because the gains seem to last only for the moment?

Many parents find that they typically do not get the result they want from their discipline.  Many others find what they do seems to work at the moment but the results don’t last very long.  You deserve to know that there are ways to teach your children not only to follow your rules when you are there to enforce them, but also to behave responsibly wherever you — and they — are.

Click the link below to learn more about how other parents answer the same questions and some of what you will find discussed in this book.