Sample Prize Game Board – Pre-reading Age Child

Below is a sample game board, intended for use with a youngster who can’t yet read or count reliably. Most little kids have played on game boards so will recognize the overall idea. Design your own board in similar fashion, drawing or pasting simple pictures representing prize choices on the board to show how many tokens are required for each. Demonstrate placing one token on each step, beginning at “Start,” to show how close to each reward you child has come. For example, on the sample board, it takes ten tokens to trade for ice cream. Also show your child that any extra tokens provides a start to the next reward choice.

One heads up: since your child’s performance over time is likely to change you will likely need to restructure your choices of rewards and modify the number of tokens or credits required to reach a reward.  As a result, it will be better if you don’t make such an elaborate game board that  you would resent having to make necessary changes.  To avoid this, consider lightly taping small pictures onto the board itself, so they can be removed easily.

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